Mar 9, 2012


My neighbourhood   10/01/2012
My "spooky" neighbourhood   09/03/2012

These two pictures have been taken from the same point, at the same time in different days. The first one is a typical clear and sunny day in The Canaries, and the second one shows a phenomenon known as CALIMA.

"Calima" means dust or sand in the atmosphere. This dust/sand comes from the near Sahara Desert. When this dust storm is accompanied by hot and strong winds the phenomenon is called SIROCO.

Fortunately, this happens only twice or three times a year, specially in the Autumn and in the Spring.

So are you tired of snow already? At least snow melts down: we have to remove dust when the storm is over (outside and inside houses)...Paradise doesn't exist after all, don't you think so?

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