Jan 15, 2012


CEDEFOP confirmed on January 9th the composition of our group. We will be 16 + 1 participants in total, so we welcome (in the order they appear in CEDEFOP's list)...
    The weather in winter - picture taken on 1/1/2012
  • Liesbeth Pennewaard, from The Netherlands
  • Philippe Anckaert, from Belgium
  • Renata Müllerová, from The Check Republic
  • Zofia Kozielska, from Poland
  • Rudolf Reisenberge, from Austria
  • Lilia Hristova, from Bulgaria
  • Anna Kulinska, from Poland
  • Krzysztof Lichy, from Poland
  • Wiktor Kostrzewski, from The United Kingdom
  • Maria Badinska, from Slovakia
  • Viktória Tafferner-Gulyás, from Hungary
  • Fenisia Serembe, from Italy
  • Maria De Cillis, from Italy
  • Evelyne Sacchet, from France
  • Eva Karlsson, from Sweden
  • Daniel Batteauw, from Belgium

All the participants have already received a welcome letter via e-mail  (downloadas well as some information about the hotel and reservation tips (download

We must say that as host institution we are glad because all the participants have replied with great enthusiasm and motivation, so we thank you and welcome you once more, and we also look forward to meeting you in Maspalomas.

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